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Advanced Enquiry/Training: Still Flowing Yoga Somatics 2014/2015

Overview of Still Flowing Yoga Somatics

Advanced Training

The advanced programme is a very individualised, organic offering that takes place within different modules :-some workshop style,  some residential retreats and some take place at my home in Totnes, Devon where board and lodging is offered along with individualised teaching.

I am currently in the process of envisioning a space at home where students can come and work / study / practice / and retreat.  There will be space for up to max 6 students at a time, however I also hope to be able to receive students on a 1:1 basis, or smaller groups of 2,3,4 or 5.

Starting in 2015, the space will be open to receive students for designated periods  in June, July, August, and September (British summer time).

gemma still relaxingI work closely with all my students so it is not really a “commercial” thing, it is more in the old tradition of close student/teacher yoga relationship. I have little interest in big groups nor offering a 500 hour training, this is an ongoing process, and students can stay with me for as long or as little as benefits them. I’ve realised that a lot of the transmission of yoga comes down to trust in the teacher/student relationship and when trust is established the appropriate teaching effortlessly flows through to the student in the way that they need to receive it and in the way that resonates with their own system

I am a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist (advanced trainee) so I work with somatic awareness and mindfulness through yoga to address and resolve suffering, stress and trauma, and address and support life’s difficulties and challenges. A great part of my work is focused on self validation, by working through the form of asana in the body, focusing on felt sense rather than appearance,  encouraging diverse movement patterns and freedom in the body instead of conforming to form, establishing containment and boundaries in the body so that there is the potential for  structural integration and  a free flow of energy, and step by step unmasking the ruthless inner critic in all its disguises and attempts to undermine the endless space, acceptance, validation, forgiveness and wonder of who we are naturally and freely.

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My work is fundamentally founded upon Buddhist Insight Meditation and I draw heavily on mindfulness as a broader framework within which to contextualise therapeutic yoga asana that then serves as a liberation oriented practice that translates seamlessly into everyday life.

I feel that modern yoga often takes women further into the trap of body neuroses, ongoing low self esteem, inability to self validate and an ongoing cycle of treating yourself and working on yourself as a “project” that needs to be improved as if somehow we are lacking, totally missing the point that the body is an amazingly mysterious and complex system that heals itself given the “appropriate” support and is self validating once the negative feedback loop is broken.  Without skillful enquiry, support and direction modern yoga as a feel good/look good system can perpetuate some very destructive behavioural patterns, which is why founding the practice upon principles of mindfulness that has at its heart self acceptance is crucial for deep healing, and ultimately freedom.

I work particularly well with  young modern women ages 25 – 45 and am passionate about teaching and transmitting yoga that validates, empowers,  regulates, supports and takes care, but with a particular understanding of the female condition and our collective suffering.

Men of course are welcome to the programme.
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If you are interested in this approach please send an email to and you will put you on the mailing list for the advanced training – retreats and workshops, and further info will be sent out re when the the new space is up and running and ready to receive advanced students in Devon, UK.

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