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Yoga Mindfulness Retreat Norway



Three pose surya


Yoga Mindfulness Retreat: Taking Refuge in the Body

Kjerringoy,  North Norway on 7th – 14th August 2016

Led by Gemma Mallol

£675 per person includes 5 hrs daily tuition for 6 days, accommodation, food (a mix of self catering, lunches out and group catering)

Simple shared accommodation in wooden cabins – 3 persons to each cabin, basic kitchen facilities, bathroom

Sauna and hot tube available

Trips to the Fjords will be organised


Retreat Content:-

This retreat is a synthesis of Yoga Somatics, Embodied Mindfulness and Metta (Loving Kindness) Practices.

During this retreat we will explore and cultivate how the techniques of Buddhist Mindfulness and Yoga Somatics can support and open up a relationship with the body founded upon understanding, loving attention and deep listening. With time and practice this orientation can transform the body into a refuge of peace.

The yoga and mindfulness practices will be focussed around an exploration of breath, the structures that support the breath, and their relationship to movement, physiological balance and inner space.

The spaciousness and natural purity of the island of Kjerringoy will support our exploration inside through her healing and loving embrace.

The focus within the teaching will be light allowing for spontaneity and natural insight to arise and guide us along the way.


The Teaching:-

There will be a 3 hour morning session and a 2 hour afternoon session for a period of 6 days.

The practices have a depth to them so require some level of concentration and patience.

Openness, receptivity and beginners mind are all welcome on this retreat.


To be eligible for this retreat, it is necessary for you to be interested in  yoga and mindfulness and curious about what somatics is and be prepared to be on retreat in a remote area living simply.

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