CPD Advanced 50 hrs Somatic Yoga & Movement Teacher Training

How to Apply the Evolutionary Origins of Movement into the Practice and Teaching of Yoga Asana

When and Where?

Module 1: 25th – 28th November 2021 @ The Yoga Garden, West Sussex, UK www.the-yoga-garden.co.uk with Marcela Enriquez Wakeham (Head Teaching Faculty)

Module 2: 5th – 6th March 2022 @ The Yoga Garden, West Sussex, UK

Who For?

This training is designed for yoga teachers, body orientated therapists, dancers and movement practitioners of all kinds who would who are interested and passionate about how to cultivate and deepen a therapeutic approach to movement in their practice and teaching


Are you curious about the origins of movement and how to apply this deep well of somatic insight and embodied knowledge into your existing practice and teaching?

If so, then this advanced training is for you.

This training combines the study of functional anatomy, phylogenetic and ontogenetic movement explorations, somatic techniques and creative work and how this understanding translates into the practice and teaching of yoga asana making for a more complete healing modality through movement. The whole training is supported by a trauma informed process (Somatic Experiencing)

Why it is so important to understand our evolutionary progression of movement?

As a yoga teacher, therapist or mover it is important to realise that how we move informs our choices. Habitual and unconscious movement patterns affect our behaviour, feelings, emotions and thoughts. Returning to the origins and the organic progression of movement uncovers and cultivates an effortless, authentic, reflexive and healing way of moving.

Would you like to learn how to integrate your sensory experience through movement?

Practicing the developmental movement patterns will help you to integrate your sensory experience. By engaging perception, imagination and sensation in both habitual, everyday movements and also creative, healing movements, old conditioning is gradually dismantled. The foundations of movement and innate biological intelligence are slowly revealed supporting greater personal freedom both from inside of our bodies and outside in our lives.

By developing this way of working with your body through movement, you will experience:

  • Moving authentically and creatively
  • Effortless and energy efficient movement
  • Experiencing inner safety
  • Being able to access pleasureable states
  • Deepening awareness of ground and rebound
  • Balancing your musculature
  • Regulating your nervous system
  • Physical and physiological integration
  • More effective sensory processing capacity
  • Growing intuition
  • Making healthy and beneficial choices
  • Empowerment
  • Resilience