CPD and Advanced Training

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a pioneering and unique approach within Europe. There is not another training offering this innovative integration of yoga, neuroscience, mindfulness and somatics.

These programmes are held by a faculty of teachers highly trained in the field of Somatics, Yoga, Movement and Dance. Between us we are trained in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, Somatic Well Being & Dance, Continuum, Dance of Awareness, Ceremonial Dance, Authentic Movement, 5 Rhythms, Body Mind Centering, Embodied Mindfulness & Non-Stylised and Environmental Movement and Butoh.

Since Still Flowing  was born in 2008 our approach has evolved considerably due to ongoing training and exploration within our teaching faculty particularly within the fields of somatic movement and awareness, the field of trauma (Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Somatic Expressive Therapy) and therapeutic dance forms (5 Rhythms, Dance of Awareness, Authentic Movement and Butoh) which inform and inspire the way we teach. So we would really love to invite our old students to come back and explore the new material, explorations and insights that we have now to share and we would be delighted to help you expand and deepen your practice and teaching skills.

200 hr graduates from other yoga schools are welcome to join our programme in order to expand and deepen their practice, knowledge and understanding in the realms of mindfulness, somatics and neuroscience as it is radically different from mainstream 200 hr trainings.

Additionally we are in the process of creating the Nature Based Advanced Somatic Facilitator Training in 2022 some feeling of this programme is expressed below and is being born right now!

Baseline nervous system regulation and the resolution of personal trauma is the foundation for restoring the connection to the Sacred Feminine & our deep interconnectedness with Gaia along with unlocking and freeing our creative energy, potential and cultivating embodied empowerment

These training programmes are designed for yoga. movement and meditation teachers, therapists, dancers, artists and long term practitioners who want to widen their scope of practice and teaching by developing innovative, creative trauma informed ways of facilitation that journey deep into the belly of Gaia through somatic experiences in embodied yoga and mindfulness, movement and dance emphasising the centrality of the creative principle and artistic expression in healing the mind body system. This work is  founded upon cutting edge principles of  neuroscience and nervous system regulation.

Our Faculty’s Somatic and Dance Biographies

Gemma Mallol is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Peter Levine’s Body Orientated Trauma Therapy) and a certified Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Training Institute). She is currently studying and practicing non stylised and environmental movement and Butoh and is in the process of evolving her own therapeutic practice that she calls Embodying Nature which is a liberating depth practice that works deeply at the level of the nervous system to discharge and resolve traumatic energy bound in the body using nature as a universal resource to hold the process and integrating principles of Somatic Experiencing, Embodied Journeying, Insight Meditation, Butoh and Non Stylised inner dance and somatic movement. This resolution, this liberation from stress, suffering and trauma from the inside out opens our physiology to a unfolding metamorphic process that keeps blossoming into unknown and unexplored areas of ourselves and the universe.

Blanche Mulholland holds a Masters Degree in Somatic Dance and Well Being from the University of Central Lancashire and is training to be a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (final year). She has a committed practice of Authentic Movement with her teacher Fran Lavendel and Continuum with Elaine Colandrea. She is being mentored towards teaching Continuum, a biological awareness practice that facilitates fluid expression for healing and creativity.

Marcela Enriquez Wakeham originally trained as a dancer, choreographer and Pilates teacher has continued her training with teachers such a Bo Forbes, Liz Koch, Sarah Powers, Aki Omori, Achan Sucitto and most recently in Dance of Awareness, Pulsing Therapy and Qi gong. She is currently a student of Body Mind Centering (An embodied approach to movement, body and consciousness). She dances Butoh and is being called to return to her original passion of ceremonial indigenous dance (Mexican)

Nora Belton originally trained as a dancer has had a ongoing and profound interest in Butoh.. which is an extreme avant-garde somatic dance of awareness from Japan. She is moving slowly away from classical forms of Yoga and towards a practice that synthesises somatic awareness and movement into her established Butoh practice. Her teacher is Atsushi Takenouchi.

What is Butoh?

Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno the founders of Butoh create the foundations of what Hijikata calls “Ankoku buto” (dance of the darkness).

Their work has been described as the search for a representation of the body that would be free of cultural references and open to all metamorphosis. This presupposes the existence of a natural state of humanity (as opposed to culturally determined) that could be reached and expressed with movement and that would lead to a wide variety of aesthetic results.