Embodying Nature Programme on Zoom

Embodying Nature 5 Element Cycle

5 Week Programme on Zoom (Dates TBC)

Please email and pay £75 to book in

Open to yoga/mindfulness teachers, therapists and serious practitioners only

This is a therapeutic session and founded upon principles of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (body orientated trauma healing) and works with embodying the elements as a bigger container within which to regulate the nervous system, reclaim the deep feminine & masculine, and as a conscious return to nature through our body which is part of the greater earth body. I work with spacious embodied guidance through movement, contemplation, breath, sound, and the imaginal realms. I work with a different element weekly (earth & trees, rock, water, fire, space) – in that order. There is space at the end of each session for creative expressions to unfold and for sharing and integration within the group.