Somatic & Creative Movement Sessions

BODY SPACE 6 Week Programme

Exploring and Developing a Creative, Imaginal, Somatic Movement Practice

Starts Friday 14th January 10 – 11.30am (for 6 consecutive weeks)

@ The Somatic Space, The Office, Babbage Road, Totnes

Cost £72 to be paid in advance in full

Somatic Movement sessions are a way to unlock creativity through embodiment. By moving, dancing, grounding, imagining, sensing, feeling, listening inside and embodying the elements, we can find ways to open the body to a wellspring of creativity and unexplored inner landscapes that make our felt experience and life experience deeper, richer and more alive.

These sessions work therapeutically and cultivate propioception (awareness of ground and space), integrate and repattern developmental movement patterns, and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

They are draw on the wisdom of Yoga, Mindulness, Somatic Experiencing (Body Orientated Trauma Therapy), Nature and Butoh Dance (Japanese Dance of Darkness)

Cost: £65 per session or £12 per group session

Duration: Each session will be 1 hour unless agreed otherwise.

Cancellation: If a clear 48 hours notice is given, and the session is rescheduled within an appropriate time span, there will be no cancellation fee. Otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee for less than 48 hours notice and a 100% cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice will be charged.

Butoh Performance in Ibiza October 2021 with choreography by Butoh Master Tadashi Endo