Yoga Mindfulness Class

Fridays 10 – 11.30am @ The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth (in the studio)  

£10 drop in – please email to check if there is space

What to expect

An approach that synthesises principles of mindfulness into the practice of yoga asana. The principles of mindfulness integrated into the practice of postures and breathing are cultivating a grounded awareness and connection to the body, a curiosity around how the body moves and feels, and a loving and kind attitude towards the body, heart and mind.

The classes cover a wide range of yoga postures some more classical some more experimental in order to invite awareness into the body.

Working from the understanding that the body has an innate intelligence and capacity to heal itself, we move away from stressing and straining the body into shapes and breathing patterns that may override this innate intelligence, and instead listening and feeling inside, so the body can find its own voice – its own “song” – a creative and intuitive expression that dances through the body.

“The feeling is more interior, because the motion is inside, the feeling is inside. It’s a feeling of well-being while you do the poses not to achieve. You must never have in mind what you want to do but what the body can accept.’” Vanda Scaravelli 

Gemma integrates Scaravelli and Somatic influences into her Yoga classes.

What to wear

Loose / stretchy clothes

What to bring

A mat and a blanket or shawl – (please ask if you don’t have a mat)