Intensive Residential Training

The next intensive residential Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training takes place in Ibiza, Spain from 6th October – 3rd November 2018 at Can Tunio, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.

The intensive residential 200 hr programme has a clear structure to it that involves 4 clear thematic weeks that have a beginning and an end.

For students that cannot attend all 4 weeks at once (such as people with families), they now have the possibility to split the programme up into separate weeks. We hope that this will open up the intensive programme to everyone.

For example a student could attend just Week 1, or Week 1 and 2, or Week 2 only or Week 3 only. Students can then return the following training or come on our modular programme in 2018 to add on any of the weeks they need to.

Week 4 has to come at the end.

If you are interested in this possibility please contact us to arrange:-


Intensive Course Structure and Weekly Themes

Week 1:

“Grounding:- An intensive 7 day Yoga and Mindfulness Immersion”
(Weekly structure : half day, followed by 5 full days, followed by another half day)

Week 2:

“Deep Embodied Anatomy and Physiology – Journeying into the Body”
(Weekly structure : 5 full days)

Week 3:

“The Practice of Love – Connection and Support through Touch and Embodied Process”
(Weekly structure : 3.5 days followed by 3.5 day refreshing break for integration and written assignments)

Week 4:

“Integration – Gathering it all Together”
(Weekly structure : 5 full days)


The intensive programme is structured in such a way in order to take into account the intensity of the 200 hr month training in a retreat environment.

This structure offers spaces within the intensive where students can rest, recuperate, process and gather energy (longer first week and short third week). This has come from our experience of teaching 22 trainings to date. This structure allows the training to be held in such a way that we can contain and integrate the work  that we do together safely and effectively.

For the students on the month residential intensive, it requires that students live, practice, eat, cook and sleep together for a month. This requires that students are cooperative and make a clear intention to live harmoniously, and respect one another’s space. This month can be a time of deep therapeutic work and often students and teachers need time to be alone and process what they are experiencing.

However we also need to work as a team so that the house systems such as the karma yoga and cooking rotas run smoothly and everyone feels respected and contributing equally within the community environment.

As the programme takes place within a retreat environment and we are doing 8 / 9 hours of practice and study daily, it is possible that we may perceive things in an amplified under such conditions. This is the opportunity that a retreat environment offers us, away from the everyday routines, obligations and distractions of normal modern life.

Students will be offered support during the open process sessions, mindfulness sessions, relational exercises, and sharing circles to communicate, reflect and process what is coming up for them so the whole training becomes a conscious experience and any challenges or difficulties (which are normal) can worked with gently and skilfully to bring about deeper understanding of the workings of the body, heart and mind.

Students will also have two one to one sessions with one of teaching team again as ongoing opportunities to ask specific questions or receive specific support.

As teachers enter into this process with the students, we also ask that students respect the teachers space and keep questions about yoga and mindfulness to the class environment. We also ask students to be mindful and respectful of the teachers need to eat, be quiet, sleep, rest and process the training too.

It is a long training to hold and we have to pace ourselves, so we would be really happy if students could take care of the teaching team too! Asking a teacher if they would like a cup of tea or some food saved for them goes a long way to co-creating a beautiful, harmonious, caring atmosphere.

We are all in the boat together!

With Metta

The Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training Team