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  • Lake walk near the Berber Farmhouse Marrakech Training March 2016

    Lake walk near the Berber Farmhouse Marrakech Training March

  • Interior patio Berber Farmhouse Marrakech Training Venue March 2016

    Interior patio Berber Farmhouse Marrakech Training Venue March 2016

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training in Ibiza (Spain) & Marrakech (Morocco)


″A Somatic Approach that Integrates the Essence of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, the Wisdom of Scaravelli Yoga, and the Quietness of Yin Yoga, Clearly Founded upon Principles of Buddhist Insight Meditation and Mindfulness″


Yoga Teacher Training Dates 2016

  • 200 hr Yoga and Mindfulness Training  – A Somatic Approach (21) : 5th March – 2nd April 2016 Marrakech (in countryside), Morocco


  • 200 hr Yoga and Mindfulness Training – A Somatic Approach (22) : 1st – 29th October 2016, Ibiza, Spain



Arctic Yoga Somatics Retreat in Northern Norway with Gemma Mallol

  •  7th – 14th August 2016 / £675 per person – see Arctic Yoga Retreat page for details



Yoga Somatics Workshops – Scaravelli Inspired with Gemma Mallol

  • 23rd – 24th April 2016 – Scotland – Exact Date and Venue TBC
  • 17th – 19th June 2016 – The Arctic Yoga Conference, Bodo, North Norway 



(Est. 2008  / 20 trainings taught to date)

  • Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is Certified & Recognised by the European and US Yoga Alliances at the 200 hr Level
  • On Still Flowing we work with a max group number of 13 in order to focus on individual guidance, care and attention


Costs Teacher Training 2016

Due to the fluctuating Euro / Prices all quoted in Pounds Sterling now as of 13/04/2015

  • Ibiza month long programme : £1450 Non Residential Fee, or £2100-£2250 Full Board Residential Fee depending on room choice, or £1850 camping


  • Marrakech month long programme : £1300 Non Residential Fee, or £2050 – £2250 Full Board Residential Fee depending on room choice


  • £80 for Early Bird Bookings more than 3 months in advance


  • Payment plan can be arranged – please email Gemma Mallol the Director –


Still Flowing Yoga for Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness

Certified by European and US Yoga Allianceslogo

Suitable for students and practitioners looking for mindfulness yoga teacher training, insight style yoga teacher training, somatic yoga teacher training, gentle vinyasa flow yoga teacher training, classical ashtanga yoga teacher training, hatha flow yoga teacher training, or a fusion somatic approach to yoga training, and as a fully integrated yoga and meditation intensive. This programme is a month of deep healing & transformation of the body, heart and mind and it is therapeutic in its progression through the month.  It is of relevance to all yoga students whether they wish to become teachers or not. It is appropriate as a yoga intensive, and it is a wonderful way to deepen your practice and expand your knowledge of yoga and meditation in all its many forms. We hope that through this programme our students will be inspired to find ways to teach that are inclusive, mindful and creative. We hope we can encourage healing, connection and integration through our approach. Still Flowing Teachers and team come from diverse cultures and backgrounds in Yoga and in life. We draw on aspects of Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Scaravelli Yoga, Yin Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Restorative Yoga to inform our mindful approach to asana. We as a team are committed to the practise of Mindfulness (Insight Meditation) and as such work within this ongoing exploration and synthesis of Yoga and Buddhist Meditation.  Gemma Mallol, the Director of Still Flowing is a Somatic Experiencing Therapist, (Peter Levines Body Orientated Trauma Healing), she draws heavily on this somatic therapeutic work with the nervous system through the yoga training, interweaving it through the yoga asana and mindfulness modules, to access the deep innate healing potential of the body available in everyone’s system.

Because we transmit the essence of yoga in a soulful, creative, humorous, down to earth way that will prepare the ground for you to teach yoga with integrity when your time is right”

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