Somatic Trainings and Retreats

Somatic Trainings & Retreats & Workshops

in Ibiza & UK (Dartmoor, Devon)

with Gemma Mallol

Trauma informed Somatic CPD Trainings,

& Somatic Movement and Arts Retreats in Ibiza

Still Flowing is a Trauma informed Somatic, Meditative, Therapeutic Approach to Yoga, Movement, Arts and Dance. I offer a range of workshops, trainings, retreats and programmes both online and in person. All the programmes ultimately are about healing, transformation and creative expression. This somatic & contemplative approach fosters regulation at the level of the nervous system building resource, capacity, and empowerment. An embodied reciprocity with the natural world facilitates these processes, This work cultivates empathy, bringing us closer to an interconnected place within ourselves, in relationship to others, the earth and the world.

Gemma Mallol is Dance and Movement Researcher, currently undertaking a Research Master’s in Dance (Somatic and Butoh Dance focus) at Plymouth University. She is a teacher trainer and has been teaching Yoga, Mindfulness and Somatics in varying contexts for a period of 23 years. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (Body Orientated Trauma Therapist) and uses her knowledge of the nervous system and trauma informed practice to create inclusive, safe spaces where participants can explore themselves authentically through embodiment, dance and movement as the ground for further creative processes to be unlocked.

Elemental Body Somatic CPD Training Dartmoor, Devon, UK

  • Dates: Thursday 23rd – Monday 27th May 2024
  • Venue: Widdecombe on the Moor, Dartmoor, Devon
  • Teaching Faculty: Gemma Mallol & Emily Katsuno
  • Cost: £550 (non residential)
  • Small group: Inclusive Space, Max 12 participants
  • Bookings: Gemma Mallol on for bookings or what’s app 00 44 7745300237

The Elemental Body Somatic CPD Training offers a bridge for yoga and movement teachers / practitioners, dancers, creatives and therapists to enter the wold of Somatics; a multi-faceted CPD of embodied practices that foreground the connection to and the expression of the inner body in movement and its relation to nature and the elements. This CPD is an empirically based somatic, therapeutic approach to movement that utilises a creative and expressive approach informed by nature to engage the body, mind, and spirit in order to transform stress and suffering and trauma.

Somatics has therapeutic, creative and performative aspects characterised by a fluid expression of form that can shapeshift to embrace all ages, abilities, shapes, colours, genders, sexualities, disabilities, and neuro diversities.

Ibiza Intensive: Revealing the Subconscious, Traversing Inner & Outer Landscapes through Elemental Somatic Movement & Painting

  • Dates: 7th – 11th October 2024
  • Venue: Non Residential, Ibiza (list of recommended simple hostel and apartments to stay nearby for average from 60 Euros per night )
  • Facilitators: Gemma Mallol & Romanie Sanchez Smele
  • Cost: 450 Euros sliding scale (3 low income spaces available, please apply)
  • Small group of 12 Students: Inclusive Space, All Welcome
  • Bookings: Gemma Mallol on for bookings

During this five-day intensive, mornings will be spent with Gemma Mallol who will guide a contemplative, somatic, movement exploration with and in nature. This is a multi-sited exploration where we will visit a range of site to move in, and where participants get to see, feel, and experience in a variety of elemental Ibiza landscapes. We will explore how the ancestral wisdom of the elements can provide a safe container and a stable foundation from which to open doorways into the subconscious realm, where we can excavate body memories, access deep dreams, and reveal transformative insights that can be further developed in the afternoon painting sessions with Romanie Sanchez a highly accomplished surrealist painter and fun, process orientated art teacher who lives and works in Ibiza..

Ibiza Intensive: Unmasking the Body: Sculpting the Mask through Elemental Somatic Movement, Puppet Making & Eco Ritual

  • Dates: 14th – 18th October 2024
  • Venue: Non Residential, Ibiza (list of recommended simple hostel and apartments to stay nearby for average from 60 Euros per night )
  • Facilitators: Gemma Mallol & Joanna Hruby
  • Cost: 450 Euros sliding scale (3 low income spaces, please apply)
  • Small group of 12 Students: Inclusive Space, All Welcome
  • Bookings: Gemma Mallol on for bookings

During this five-day intensive, Gemma’s multi sited morning explorations in the elemental body, within the raw, rugged terrain of Ibiza, will cultivate an embodied field of creativity which will be developed further in the afternoons with artist, puppet-maker and storyteller Joanna Hruby. Through their ongoing exploration of the Ibizan landscapes, participants will learn how to give physical form to a puppet-mask being, using cardboard sculpture and papier-mâché, via crafting and adorning. This embodied, creative process will culminate in a eco somatic ritual honouring the inter-relatedness of our body and the earth body, and as a gesture of reciprocity and giving back to the the land of Ibiza.

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a Registered Training Provider with the UK Yoga Alliance

Listen to Podcast with Gemma Mallol the Founder and Creator of Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training

Listen to Gemma’s practice history, her story and the underpinning and roots of her somatic mindful nature based approach to yoga, movement and mindfulness evolved over 20 years of embodied enquiry.

Discover how the body’s natural intelligence and healing power reveals itself through the somatic process aligning us to a huge well of creativity, empowerment, earth wisdom and community.

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Registered Yoga School, Training Provider and Teachers with UK and European Yoga Alliances

  • Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training was established in 2008, and has delivered 27 training programmes to date.
  • Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a Registered Yoga School and accredited by the UK Yoga Alliance to deliver trainings, workshops and CPD’s at all levels. We are additionally registered with the European Yoga Alliance at the 200 hr level.
  • Gemma Mallol is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and Training Provider (at all levels) with the UK Yoga Alliance, A Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Certified Mindfulness Teacher (Mindfulness Training Institute). She is currently in an ongoing period of exploration and practice incorporating non-stylised movement and Butoh Dance in Nature.
  • Marcela Enriquez Wakeham is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance and trained with Still Flowing in 2008, Pilates Teacher, Qi Gong Instructor and Dance of Awareness Facilitator. She is currently a student of Body Mind Centering and is exploring her Mexican Indigenous roots facilitating Cacao Ceremonies and Initiations.
  • Neville Cregan is a Senior Yoga Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist with 25 years experience and teaches from a Scaravelli inspired approach. He completed his teacher training from 1995 – 1997 with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare and Peter Blackaby. He has an academic background in yoga and teaches yoga history and philosophy on various teacher training programmes.

Gemma Mallol
is a Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance.

European Yoga Alliance

Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training
is a Registered Yoga School with The European Yoga Alliance

Because we transmit the essence of embodiment in a soulful, creative, non dogmatic, humorous, down to earth way that will prepare the ground for you to share your experiences and teaching with integrity when your time is right