Links to My Teachers and Influences in Yoga, Therapy and Meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh – Zen Master

Steven Smith – Insight Meditation Teacher

Dr. Peter Levine PhD – Founder and Creator of Somatic Experiencing Method (Body Orientated Trauma Healing)

Martin Aylward – Insight Meditation Teacher

Aki Omori – Yoga Teacher and Somatic Movement Therapist

Danny Paradise – Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Ana Marcela Enriquez Wakeham – Yoga and A & P Teacher

Caroling Lang – Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Teacher

Bill Wood – Scaravelli inspired Yoga Teacher

Diane Long – Intuitive Yoga Teacher direct lineage Vanda Scaravelli

Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten – Freestyle Innovative Yoga Teachers Insight Meditation Retreat Centre in The Dordogne area of S.W. France Events in London based in the Insight Meditation Tradition.  US non profit association representing yoga teachers, schools and studios Platform for Everyone associated with Yoga and Natural Health. Buddhist information and education network. Free offerings of Western Buddhist Vipassana Teachings. Insight Meditation Buddhist Retreat Centre in Devon The largest yoga directory on the internet for yoga teacher trainings and yoga events around the world Villas for short and long term rental on the island of Ibiza. The Australian Yoga Directory.

Links to Still Flowing Yoga Graduate Teacher Websites  Breathe, Move, Flow with Catherine Forrester (Bristol Based Teacher) Yoga for Everyone with Jonathan Cain (Manchester/Bolton based Teacher) Tomodachi Health and Lifestyle with Evert -Jan Ilbrink (Holland) Yoga with Pat Obach (Barcelona, Spain) Yoga and Massage with Kerstin Maihofer (Germany) Global Yoga, Dance and Retreats with Pleuni Van Hulten (Travelling) Yoga Classes, Workshops and Inspiration for Everybody with Lucy Corbally (UK / North) Corporate classes in your office, community classes near Canary wharf, private lessons wherever you are with Amanda Corsi (London)  Still Flowing Yoga and Meditation with Charlotte Morin (French Pyrenees)