Fees and Application

Cost Intensive Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training in Ibiza 2019

An 80 Euro discount is available for students booking 3 months or more in advance * We Accept also late bookings – please contact us to find out if we have space.

A 50 Euro application fee

Resident price is 995 Euros per module for modules 1 & 2 in Ibiza or 795 Euros per module for modules 3 & 4 in Morocco sharing en-suite twin rooms with other students of the same sex or single room option

Non Resident price (Modules 1 & 2) 990 Euros with breakfast and lunch

The residential fees in Ibiza include full board and lodging at Can Tunio for 1 month.  Vegetarian brunch and buffet style dinner are prepared by the yoga teacher trainees with help from the team. It is expected that yoga teacher trainees do some karma yoga everyday to keep the house and their rooms clean and tidy and help out with preparing dinner; this is organised on a rota basis.

NB: Meditators are also accepted on our programme, and should have done a 3 year consistent meditation practice – in this case you additionally need to be in a good state of health and fitness if you haven’t been practising yogasana. Long term practitioners from other disciplines that would like to step into the yoga world are welcome on our course.

NB. There are always exceptions to the rules …..so if you strongly feel this is the correct course for you and you don’t seem to fit into our confining  little  boxes, please feel free to apply and your application will be dealt with on an individual basis and with an open mind.

Submit your application along with your application fee of 50 EUR(non – refundable) to Still Flowing Yoga’s administration. We will then contact you within 7 days of receipt of both to let you know if you have been accepted.

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