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Integrating Practice into Daily Life

“The practice is different, now, from Thailand. Its not lush rainforests, dripping outside, and dimly lit pavilions and hours of silence, stretch and sea. Thailand was a place of deep introspection, becoming present with self and heart, and in that delicious seclusion of self-absorption, discovering the bliss of the present. Now the practice is one […]

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Synthesising Yoga and Buddhist Insight Meditation

“The combined practices of Yoga and Insight Buddhist Meditation have provided me with an ongoing focus and context within which to understand, meet and explore this fascinating experience we call being human. In spirallic form this dynamic continuous involution has the capacity to move us ever closer towards our field of experience, so that we […]

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Shamanism and Embodied Awareness

“It is important to be as fully present in your physical vehicle as you can maintain. Many people use caffiene, nicotene, alcohol and other stimulants to allow part of the spirit to go out of body. Some people use meditation, trance, diet or even music to achieve the same end. These are all forms of […]

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Still Flowing Movement

Having just completed another teacher training in Ibiza, suffice to say that we are fully grateful to have been able to transmit the ancient teachings effectively to a small and intimate group of committed students. It is for sure a very wonderful way to work, the dharma has its own agenda and it is allowed […]

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When practice is greedy and impatient

When practice is greedy and impatient there is no way that you can receive the teaching, there must be a shift in practice to one of slowing right down, stopping, and emptying out the full cup of undigested material, seeing that it is of no use and just say ok let’s try again, let’s be […]

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Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Collaboration with African Yoga Project and Yoga for Unity/Roundtable Films

Watch this space.. Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training has just had talks with Yoga for Unity who are making a film about the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya an amazing project.. please check out both their websites and .. big yoga event happening in London on 18th December to be missed check out […]

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Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza 8th January- 6th February 2011, Thailand, Koh Phangan

“All teaching is liquid, it is only appropriate in the moment”, Mooji Still Flowing Yoga and its teaching and form is organic and  flowing, no dogma, no belief system necessary. Just an openess and willingness to return to the beginners mind, the original mind, the primal mind. No need for more accumulation of learned knowledge, […]

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