Somatic Trainings and Retreats

Elemental Body Programme on Zoom

Embodying the Seasons through Somatic Movement & Dance, Creative Expression and Embodied Contemplation with Gemma Mallol

  • Warm Breezes (Summer Body) on Zoom starts Friday July 8th – Friday August 5th 2022 (5 Consecutive Weeks) on Fridays 10 – 11.30am
  • Falling Leaves (Autumn Body) on Zoom starts Friday 28th October – Friday 25th November 2022 (5 Consecutive Weeks)
  • Cost: Each cycle can be taken separately at a cost of £75 per cycle. By committing to the whole year programme, the cost will be £60 per cycle (£240)
  • Open to yoga/mindfulness teachers, therapists, dancers and serious practitioners only

Elemental Body (Warm Breezes / 3rd Series) is a deep dive into the elemental nature of the body. We will be exploring the mystery, movement and stillness of the Summer body through contemplation (Buddhist Insight Meditation), Inner Dance (Butoh inspired) & Somatic Movement and Therapeutic Techniques and Principles. If you would like to explore inner dance and movement, unlock creative energy and expression and dive deep into meditation from a somatic nature based perspective then do come and join this group.

This is a therapeutic session and integrates principles of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (body orientated trauma healing) working with embodying the elements as a bigger container within which to regulate the nervous system, and as a conscious return to nature through our body which is part of the greater earth body. I work with spacious embodied guidance through somatic movement, inner dance, contemplation, breath, sound, music and the embodied imaginal realms. There is space at the end of each session to develop your own own expressive arts practice and sharing and integration within the group.