Marcela Enriquez Wakeham

Principal Teacher on Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training Registered as a Senior Yoga Teacher with the UK Yoga Alliance

Teaches Embodied Anatomy and Physiology, Somatic Yoga, and Pilates

Teachers Marcela Enriquez

Marcela Enriquez Wakeham is a Senior Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Somatic Movement Practitioner and Ancestral Therapy Facilitator. She specialises in Experiential Anatomy and Physiology of Movement. on teacher trainings. She has been teaching alongside Gemma on Still Flowing since 2009.

She co-hosts The Body Knows, a Podcast with her husband Mat Wakeham ⁣⁣that explores the human capacity for healing, transforming and awakening to life..

Marcela is a Pulsing and Mayan Shawl massage bodywork practitioner, and she is authorised to facilitate Dance of Awareness™ workshops, a dance group therapy licensed by Tim Brown and Clare Osbond – the creators of this group based dance therapy. Marcela originally trained as a dancer and choreographer.

Marcela facilitates Cacao Ceremony. She works with somatic movement, ritual dance, experiential anatomy and Mexican indigenous wisdom to bring us to the realisation that we are not separate from Mother Earth. Marcela invites the spirit of Cacao to help you embody the shamanic journey through songs, storytelling and somatic movement. She has been blessed to learn the art of cacao ceremonies through her blood lineage from the cold towns of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

In her own practice she is a devoted practitioner of Continuum Movement and Butoh Dance.

She has developed her own clear insight in how to blend all her practices from a deep introspective and experiential knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology of movement, which she expresses in a fascinating and easy way.

Marcela’s main focus is to bring the attention to the inner-self through being in touch with the body and working with breath awareness, using the practices as a moving meditation.

She invites students to experience the anatomy and physiology of their own bodies and expression of the felt sense with somatic exercises, conscious explorations, imagery, and visualisations.

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