Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza 8th January- 6th February 2011, Thailand, Koh Phangan

“All teaching is liquid, it is only appropriate in the moment”, Mooji
Still Flowing Yoga and its teaching and form is organic and  flowing, no dogma, no belief system necessary. Just an openess and willingness to return to the beginners mind, the original mind, the primal mind. No need for more accumulation of learned knowledge, just step into your true nature.
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Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training is a 1 month course certified by the European Yoga Alliance at the
200 hour level. During this month we take our students through a journey where we explore and investigate the mind, body, spirit complex through the practices of vinyasa flow yoga, buddhist mindfulness and insight/vipassana meditation .At present the courses are running in Ibiza and Thailand. We take a maximum of 12 students on each course so we work closely and individually with each teacher trainee. These deeply transformational courses are taught by a team of international world yoga & meditation teachers who from their in depth experience and total commitment to the field are able to present a course that amply reflects this enormous subject. Over the month we give students the possibility of weaving together into one seamless practice or teaching yoga asana and pranayama, insight meditation, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and the wisdom teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra (the classical eight limbs of ashtanga yoga)
Asana (postures) and pranayama (breath and energy work) open, ground, and enliven the body, mind, and heart – thereby both supporting and expressing the more subtle meditative limbs of yogic practice. The yoga poses are also used as a powerful vehicle for training in – and embodying – core dharma principles, such as compassion, joy and lovingkindness.As we flow between movement and stillness, this unified practice gently unwinds the contractions that can block embodied presence, while cultivating access to the spacious and kind awareness that is our true nature. Through the training we will be cultivation mindfulness, the capacity to meet life moment to moment with open-hearted presence and gain insight into the endless flow and flux of phenomena that makes up our human experience, this we will see can be expressed and explored on the mat as we flow through Vinyasa.

Still Flowing Yoga TT offers a solid, non-dogmatic understanding of the entwined history, philosophy, and techniques of both yoga and Buddhism and aims to find the essential oneness of Patanjalis eight limbs of classical yoga and the Buddhas teaching.

The form and structure of the course is organic, meaning it has flexibility and will change and adapt according to the needs of the group as all our teachers work in an intuitive way. All the material we propose is still covered on every course however its interpretation might differ on each course and it might not follow a set format and is taught in a non-linear fashion. This way of presentation is in tune and aligns with the philosophy of Vinyasa Flow Yoga that is characterised by its organic nature, its return to intuition, its free form, and its spontaneity, however Vinyasa Flow is a classical form of yoga.

We encourage students to question continuoulsly whilst still maintaining open and receptive minds, to listen deeply, and enquire all within the safety of their own personal experience. The teaching aims to provide clear, graspable, simple foundations and principles to guide us through technique, yet we encourage the teaching and practice to be a gentle unfolding, a personal journey, where the individual is honored, where we return to a natural state of intuition, to a place of freedom.

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