Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Collaboration with African Yoga Project and Yoga for Unity/Roundtable Films

Watch this space.. Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training has just had talks with Yoga for Unity who are making a film about the Africa Yoga Project in Kenya an amazing project.. please check out both their websites and .. big yoga event happening in London on 18th December to be missed check out Flash Mob, see details here below:

Yoga For Unity is working on an awareness campaign for a charity group called The Africa Yoga Project to support Kenyan yoga teachers who, using yoga are tackling Tribalism in their country. Already this has seen many youths, who were idle and living in the slums, to receive a personal transformation through the practice of yoga. It is this experience that the yoga teachers would like to take out to the the rural districts in Kenya Rift Valley, to bring transformation on community levels.

Yoga For Unity is having it’s big launch for this awareness campaign on Saturday 18th December and will be hosting “Flash Mob” style events in London, in LA and in Kenya. These events will be Yoga Sessions, where volunteers on the day in guise as normal members of the public will drop to the floor, roll out yoga mats and will complete the Sun Salutation series for 5 – 10 minutes.

The London event will be on Saturday, December 18 at 1pm in Covent Garden (more exact location to come) and will last about 5-10 minutes, max. We are pushing publicity for this event far and wide and we’re promising a short, edited video of the three events combined. We will load this up on Youtube once the event is over to carry on the support over Christmas!

At Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training, we have offered to raise funds for both Yoga for Unity and for Africa Yoga Project.  We will donate 10% of any booking made that mentions either project towards these combined projects from 18th December 2010 – 5th April 2011. This means by booking with Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training you are making a direct contribution towards this amazing, effective and highly transformational work of Yoga at a grass roots level in Kenya. Quite simply through stretching and breathing, Kenyans are learning to find peace in themselves and also with their neighbours.

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