When practice is greedy and impatient

When practice is greedy and impatient there is no way that you can receive the teaching, there must be a shift in practice to one of slowing right down, stopping, and emptying out the full cup of undigested material, seeing that it is of no use and just say ok let’s try again, let’s be brave enough to let go of all that and start afresh. As practice is practice and everything that we are learning here, all the techniques are ways to touch the moment, to touch our human experience deeply, to embody awareness fully, there is no need to have a head full of spiritual ideas and have followed 100 different practices and courses, all this does is create a big thick confusing blanket of ideas and concepts about spiritual stuff that actually serves as a barrier that separates us even more from the moment, when the mind is free of ideas about spirituality if feels like you are swimming in the sea naked as you contact direct experience, when the mind if full of ideas about what spirituality it’s like sitting in the boat, looking at the sea, wearing a full body wetsuit,  snorkel , and air tanks and questioning whether it’s worth going for a dive or not..

Gemma Still Flowing Yoga

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