Synthesising Yoga and Buddhist Insight Meditation

“The combined practices of Yoga and Insight Buddhist Meditation have provided me with an ongoing focus and context within which to understand, meet and explore this fascinating experience we call being human. In spirallic form this dynamic continuous involution has the capacity to move us ever closer towards our field of experience, so that we may start to taste liberation within the realm of everyday modern life. These ancient practices have with continued, sustained, kind, and appropriate effort, the capacity to foster a deep intimacy with oneself and also the capacity to meet life with a spacious open free awareness that is ever expanding both inwards and outwards. Through Insight Meditation and the physical practice of Yoga we can gently and skilfully explore this internal space that holds the physical, energetic, emotional and cognitive realms, along with the outer space that comes to meet us through our senses. This limitless space has the capacity to hold every unique and individual field of experience according to its conditioning to date. As we commit to these ancient practices wholeheartedly and keep renewing our intention and aligning our effort to free the body, heart and mind from its bondage, so this space continues expanding according to our level of awareness, gradually but systematically liberating us from all the limiting, constraining, narrow ideas of who we are”. (Gemma Mallol: Director and Teacher of Still Flowing Yoga)

This is the experience I am experiencing at the moment. If any of these ideas resonate with you my invitation is to come and explore this further with us here on Still Flowing Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and Ibiza.

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